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The Best Gifts for Alzheimer’s Patients this Holiday Season

Posted on | November 14, 2013 | No Comments

christmas gifts for Alzheimer's patients

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The holiday season is upon us again, and for those who have loved ones with Alzheimer’s disease on your holiday gift list, finding the perfect gift may come as a real challenge.  But buying gifts for Alzheimer’s patients doesn’t have to be difficult.  There are actually lots of great ideas for those with Alzheimer’s -many that can even help with some of the daily struggles of the disease.

Under $20 Gifts for Alzheimer’s Patients

The Alzheimer’s Diet book- this book is a must read for anyone with a close friend or family member with Alzheimer’s disease.  The Alzheimer’s Diet book was written by Harvard trained neurologist, Dr. Richard Isaacson, and Dr. Christopher Ochner Ph.D., clinical psychologist and expert in nutrition and the brain.  This handy guide outlines a step-by-step method of selecting the best foods for prevention and treatment of Alzheimer’s.  This book is chocked full of suggestions on healthy foods to eat,  as well as those to avoid for Alzheimer’s prevention and treatment. There are also lots of delicious recipes to make implementing the diet into your daily routine a snap.

Alzheimer’s Treatment /Alzheimer’s Prevention: A Patient & Family Guide, 2012 – also written by Dr. Richard Isaacson, this is an easy to read book which outlines the latest treatment modalities for Alzheimer’s disease.  Dr. Isaacson answers many common questions about the disease and provides great information on the latest research on Alzheimer’s treatment and prevention, as well as his cutting edge method of fighting Alzheimer’s disease.  You’ll find information on just about every question you can think of when it comes to each stage of the disease, including; information on the best medication for Alzheimer’s, how to reduce side effects, how to improve insomnia, and more.

Therapy for Memory: Music Activity & Education Program CD-this is a great gift idea if you are looking for an inexpensive therapeutic gift for your loved one.  In his book, Alzheimer’s Treatment/Alzheimer’s Prevention, Dr. Isaacson tells us about the value of improving memory by listening to music for those with Alzheimer’s. In fact recent research suggests that a lifelong experience with music has a positive biological affect that can improve brain function into the late stages of life. This CD, developed by a team of medical professionals and musicians, features mind stimulating music that has been proven to help improve overall brain function and memory.

Therapy for Memory: Tranquil Sounds for Relaxation and Sleep CD – this CD was specifically made for listening to while getting ready for bed or while sleeping.  Memories are formed during sleep and research has shown that listening to music lowers stress which helps protect the brain from aging.  This CD can be used for background music during the day or a relaxation CD to help those who have difficulty falling asleep. It’s a great gift idea for those with caregivers on their list this holiday season as well!

Stronger Seniors Chair Exercise Program (2 discs) or Seniors Exercise DVD –there has been a lot of research about the benefits of exercise on brain health. In fact, a regular exercise routine has been found to have a positive effect on just about every medical risk associated with Alzheimer’s disease-such as; high blood pressure, insulin resistance, obesity and sleep apnea, to name a few.  Implementing a safe and practical exercise program for elderly folks can be a real challenge.  This CD addresses the special needs of those with Alzheimer’s including sitting exercises that can be done even if your loved one is in a wheel chair.

Other Great Gifts for Alzheimer’s Patients

Light Therapy- Many people with Alzheimer’s have trouble sleeping at night.  Light therapy with blue LED lights has been proven to help insomnia for those with Alzheimer’s disease. This unit is available in a portable version or a home unit.

CocoaVia Powder -  This delicious healthy dark chocolate powder can be enjoyed as a tasty cup of hot cocoa while offering a high level of flavonoids-known to help with Alzheimer’s prevention, improve memory, and even lower blood pressure!  This form of cocoa powder is naturally low in saturated fat and sugar-perfect for incorporating the Alzheimer’s diet over the holiday season!

To buy one of these great Alzheimer’s gifts or to learn about other unique gift ideas for those with Alzheimer’s disease, CLICK HERE



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