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Alzheimer's Treatment Alzheimer's Prevention -
A Patient and Family Guide, 2012 Edition

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Chapter Guide


Alzheimer’s Disease: An Update for 2012, 1
Overview of Treatment, 13
Overview of Prevention, 21


Section 1. Background
1. What are the best strategies for treating and preventing Alzheimer’s disease in 2012?, 33

2. What are some of the latest research advances in Alzheimer’s disease?, 40


Section 2. Treating Alzheimer’s
3. What types of treatments do you consider for your patients?, 45

4. What are the drug treatment considerations for Alzheimer’s?, 51

5. What can I do to increase the effectiveness of Alzheimer’s medications?, 60

6. What can I do to decrease the side effects of Alzheimer’s medications?, 62

7. What supplements do you consider and what is the evidence that they work?, 65

8. What medical food do you consider and what is the evidence that it works?, 72

9. What non-pharmacologic interventions may be helpful and are these strategies really among the most effective in AD treatment?, 78

10. Are diet and nutrition important in the treatment of AD?, 86

11. How often should an Alzheimer’s patient be seen by a physician and what medical illnesses may increase the rate of cognitive decline?, 112

12. How can the behavioral changes and psychiatric symptoms of Alzheimer’s be best managed?, 115

13. What are some options for treating AD patients who have difficulty falling asleep at night?, 121

14. What other general recommendations may be helpful for either the patient or the caregiver?, 123

15. Why do some of these interventions work well in select patients and not work well in others?, 127

16. Why hasn’t my doctor recommended several of the options mentioned in this book?, 129

17. With all of these options to treat AD, where should we begin?, 133

18. Are there any treatments that you do not recommend or whose effectiveness you are unsure of?, 135

19. Where can I turn to for help, should I get a second opinion, and how can I learn more about ongoing research studies that I can participate in?, 137

20. Can you summarize the most optimal treatment plan for AD in 2012?, 141


Section 3. Preventing Alzheimer’s

21. Will I get Alzheimer’s disease? Are my chances higher if I have a family member with AD?, 151

22. I have a family member with Alzheimer’s and am concerned about developing AD. What strategies do you suggest for possible prevention?, 156

23. Do you recommend the FDA-approved Alzheimer’s drugs for prevention?, 165

24. Do you recommend any supplements or vitamins for prevention of Alzheimer’s disease?, 167

25. Can physical exercise help prevent Alzheimer’s disease?, 174

26. Can mental exercise and cognitive activities help prevent Alzheimer’s disease?, 177

27. Can music therapy and listening to music prevent Alzheimer’s disease?, 180

28. What types of nutritional or dietary changes may delay the onset of Alzheimer’s disease?, 182

29. What other life interventions, like stress modification or increasing social interactions, may have an impact on preventing AD?, 211

30. Can you summarize the most optimal prevention plan for AD in 2012?, 217

Conclusion, 223

Reader Survey, 225


Resources for Patients, Caregivers, Families, and Healthcare Providers

Appendix A: Helpful Websites Cited in This Book, 227

Appendix B: AD Food Selection Guide: Helpful Hints for Treatment and Prevention, 229

Appendix C: Food Terminology: An Overview, 233

Appendix D: Alzheimer’s Disease Research Centers, 241

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