New Alzheimer's Diet book

A comprehensive and easy to understand guide to combating Alzheimer's Disease through evidence-based nutrition, vitamins, supplements and lifestyle changes from Harvard-trained Neurologist, Dr. Richard Isaacson and Columbia-trained Nutrition scientist, Dr. Christopher Ochner.

Alzheimer's Treatment / Alzheimer's Prevention

Harvard-trained Neurologist Dr. Richard Isaacson answers the most common patient and caregiver questions on the treatment and prevention of Alzheimer's disease (AD). He shares his cutting edge, comprehensive approach in the fight against AD, the greatest public health crisis today.

Overview of the Disease

The book begins with an overview of Alzheimer's, outlining its symptoms, risk factors, diagnosis, and current treatment methods. You'll also learn how Alzheimer's disease differs from other forms of memory loss and cognitive impairment.

Nutrition Guide

Drs. Isaacson and Ochner take a closer look at the impact of nutrition on your ability to think and remember, examining the effects of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins on the brain.

Tips for Caregivers

The authors give tips for the caregiver on adapting and implementing the program for people who already have Alzheimer's, decreasing the speed with which symptoms worsen.

The Alzheimers Prevention & Treatment Diet gives you the information you need to fight back



The AD Plan in the news

  • Overview At the Alzheimer's Prevention Clinic, the hope is that by spotting signs of the disease years before it arrives, patients might be able to change their fate by changing their behavior.
  • Source NBC News


  • Overview Director of the Alzheimer's Prevention Clinic at New York Presbyterian/Weill Cornell Medical Center, shares the science behind forgetfulness and offers ways to combat it.
  • Source The Today Show
  • Overview Psychologist Dr. Dale Atkins and neurologist Dr. Richard Isaacson discuss how family and friends can cope when their loved ones start showing the first signs of Alzheimer's.
  • Source The Today Show

Praise for the Featured Books

Cutting-Edge Approach

"Dr. Isaacson is a renowned expert who blends advanced science with practical insights for the new standard of treatment and prevention. His cutting-edge approach is exactly where we need to be in the fight against Alzheimer's disease."

- Dr. Arthur Agatston, MD, Cardiologist
New York Times best-selling author of The South Beach Diet

The Perfect Guide

"Dr. Isaacson has devoted his career to fighting Alzheimer's. He's taught me that our diets play a major role in keeping our brains healthy. This book is the perfect guide for people who want to do just that."

- Dan Pashman, Host of the Cooking Channel series You're Eating It Wrong and Author of Eat More Better


"A refreshingly optimistic perspective on prevention and treatment for a disease that has confronted many disappointed therapies. It is empowering for patients, caregivers, and clinicians."

- Dr. Daniel A. Cohen, MD, MMSc Cognitive Neurologist,
Eastern Virginia Medical School

A Valuable Resource

"The Alzheimer's Prevention & Treatment Diet is not only based on the most up-to-date knowledge and studies in the field, but also designed to be easily followed by anyone who's interested in maintaining and enhancing cognitive health. Here is a valuable resource that I can heartily recommend!"

- Dr. Dale V. Atkins, PhD, Psychologist
Author of Sanity Savers